The following services are offered:

  • Individual nutrition assessment and advice for sports, general and disease specific clients
  • Meal planning
  • Race planning
  • GP care plans are accepted (please note: Centred Nutrition is not a bulk billing service due to the time and effort included in service, though a reduction in fees is provided)
  • DVA plans and DVA home visits are accepted (no charge to client)
  • Anthropometry (skinfolds and girths) (Sports only)
  • Sweat Testing and hydration (Sweat Lab Accredited)
  • Coming Soon: NDIS

Please note:

  • As above: Centred Nutrition is not a bulk billing service (DVA clients excepted)
  • DVA: Gold card holders accepted, White card holders require prior authorisation (DVA are particular about specific client conditions)
  • Only one plan is provided per consult (for further plans or race plans; please book an extended review consult)


  • Vary depending on the service required
  • Are very competitive for the service provided
  • Please contact us with your particular needs

What to expect in an initial consult:

  • An initial consult is 1 hour (usually)
  • Collecting information: current eating habits and personal circumstances that may influence food choices
  • Discussing client goals
  • Negotiating an individual plan
  • Providing education on client specific requirements
  • Answering any questions
  • A  meal plan will be completed and emailed after the consult
  • Anthropometry (as required)

What to expect in a review consult:

  • A review consult is 30mins (usually)
  • Discuss implementation of changes
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Address any questions
  • Assess anthropometry (if relevant)

What to expect in an extended review consult:

  • An extended review consult is 45min to 1hr
  • As per review consult, plus updating information and providing another plan/adding a race plan

What to bring to an initial consult:

  • Any letters from GP/other health professional (if relevant)
  • Any recent blood tests (if relevant)
  • Your goals for the session
  • Appropriate clothing if anthropometry is required (i.e. shorts/sportsbra)

What to expect performing a sweat test:

  • Centred Nutrition comes to you
  • 30-60mins of exercise at race intensity
  • Samples are sent to the lab in Melbourne
  • Results are returned within 7 days (sweat sodium levels and sweat loss)
  • An add on race nutrition plan is a recommended addition, allowing detailed advice based on the sweat test